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Dr. Rukhsana Iqbal is a highly experienced Consultant Obstetrician with over 14 years of experience. Her expertise includes general obstetrics, fetal medicine, specialist scanning, and invasive procedures for Down's Syndrome or other genetic conditions.

Dr. Iqbal has received specialist training in ultrasound scans and fetal medicine from John Radcliffe Hospital at Oxford and King's College Hospital in London. She obtained her MRCOG in 1994 and her obstetric ultrasound diploma in 2002, followed by invasive procedure accreditation from King's College Hospital London in 2006.

At RI Baby Scans, we are proud to have Dr. Iqbal as part of our team. She strongly believes in patient-centred care and takes pride in providing high standards of care to all her patients. Dr. Iqbal is known for her pleasant and approachable personality and her dedication to providing the best possible care to expectant mothers.


Choose RI Baby Scans for expert care delivered by Dr. Rukhsana Iqbal and our team of experienced obstetricians. Book an appointment today to experience the highest level of care for you and your baby.



Meet Dr. Rukhsana Iqbal - Your Expert Consultant Obstetrician:

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